Many kids and teenagers would use the inflatable of paddleboard when they go swimming and try to explore the beauty of the different water sports especially during the holiday season. They would prefer to use the inflatable one as a training ground for this kind of activity or they would have the sup rental to avoid buying and spending money. This would be very safe for those who are not really into this kind of paddling activity as it doesn’t have the hard part where you have to worry more. The problem here is that when it will be hit by unexpected object then there will be a huge possibility that it will sink down and have a bigger problem.

Of course, you don’t have to worry too much about this one as you can solve this kind of trouble in few steps and you would be able to fix. After you got home from that vacation, then you could go to a garage section and do the things to help it to be fixed and become useful again for usage. You don’t need a lot of materials in order for this one to work and to be able to make everything in the right place like the holes in there. You can follow the guides below and you would be able to be amazed by the outcome and you have the best inflatable paddleboard again after doing the things below 

You need to find the area or the spot where the leak is coming in order for it to be fixed without harming the other parts of the inflatable paddleboard. You can use your ear to locate the area of the damage by hearing the sound that is coming out from the inflatable paddleboard when you are pressing the surface. If you have seen something that is a bit suspicious for the leakage then you could place some water there with soap and then try to press it to know. If you have seen some bubbles coming out from that area then, there was a problem and there could be a hole in that part that you need to repair.  

It would be very easy and convenient for you if you are going to make a circle using a marker where the hole is located at in order for identification. Make a cut from other plastic or inflatable items to cover the leak to the inflatable area that you are repairing and make sure to have a bit larger patch. You may use a glue to compress the two sides and have a better result when it comes to putting them together as one or use a sandpaper to smoothen.  

You have to let this one be dry first before using and others would recommend to have it dry for an overnight and then everything will be fine. You can bring your inflatable paddleboard to a shop or service companies that could repair this one if you don’t know what to do about it.